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Brian, 21 year old educator to the masses, Batman connoisseur, and chronic ranter. I post lots of stuff. Some of it might piss you off, some of it might not. I probably still live in my mom's basement in Chicago.
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Trinity by Michael Turner

More great fan made Trinity artwork!

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Killing is making a choice. Choose between one life or the other.

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House Republicans Successfully Vote To Sue President Obama →



Two days before going on a month long vacation, you and I would be working feverishly to tie up any unfinished business. Right? Of course we would. Not our House of Representatives. Before they were to head out for a month-long August recess, House Republicans were busy all right-just not busy working on anything of substance.

I don’t even like politics. But they make it so easy to choose sides. I’m not automatically for Deomcrats. I just want nothing to do with what the Republican party is about.


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my love and hate for twitter is so real


The Manic Mask by Raj Khatri / Tumblr

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At 14 years old, Tony Hansberry Jr. developed a new suture method for hysterectomy patients. As a result of the work of the young genius, the time it takes doctors to perform hysterectomies and the potential risk of complications has been reduced.
At age 12, Hansberry’s parents exposed him to the field of medicine by sending him to the Darnell-Cookman School of the Medical Arts in Jacksonville, Fla.
His invention came about when they sent him to an internship at the University of Florida’s Center for Simulation Education the next summer, where he was able to participate in hands-on simulated medical work.
Now at age 18, Hansberry, a.k.a. “The next Charles Drew” is a freshman bio-medical engineering student at Florida A&M University. The Tallahassee native serves as senator of his freshman class and is a chemistry major. He’s followed his father’s footsteps by enrolling at FAMU and his mother’s – who is a registered nurse.
Hansberry’s research began last summer during his internship at the University of Florida ‘s Center for Simulation Education and Safety Research in Jacksonville, Florida.

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Worked with Moss Von Faustenburg yesterday. Got naked in nature

Personal Trivia about me

My colleges of choice were 

UConn, USC, and Morehouse.

Got accepted to two of them. Just didn’t feel comfortable leaving family alone after everything we went through in 2008-2010.





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what is that?

thats the motherfucker that killed that crocodile hunter

I have questions…that need answers

I hate them because of what they homeboy did to my nigga Steve Irwin.

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aww lol

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